Thursday, November 19, 2015


The ministry in Thailand was a time of experiencing the great grace of God.  Serving Pastor Sayan and Siriporn and the girls of Home of Blessing was a joy and we experienced the good hand of God. God has blessed and shown himself strong through the ministry of Pastor Sayan and Siriporn

Our ministry started with a pastors conference.  Pastor Mike not only ministered an excellent and needed word to these pastors, he had a new experience of preaching barefoot.. Some of the pastors and their wives had driven hours or days to come to this conference.
We see a great need to minister to pastors who could use our encouragement and support. 

Here are some of the 82 girls from the Home of blessing riding to school.   Jordan and Jennifer tagged along. 

After the pastors conference we started our New Life Camp.  Below is the first altar call where the response of the girls was not only genuine but passionate.

A time of individual prayer.

Time of teaching and devotions.

Times of worship

12 girls entered into water baptism at a nearby creek in a public park.

We were invited to teach English at the public high school and primary school.  Below is a picture of the morning High School assembly praying to Buddah.  The Christian students are the ones with their hands by their sides to not participate.

This is the large idol on the High School campus.

In the classroom we had a great deal of fun not only teaching English but sharing our lives as missionaries and sharing the God that created the heavens and the earth.

One on one opportunities at the high school were precious.

Pastor Terry having a fun and precious time with some of the primary girls.  Our team had the pleasure to live right on the campus with the girls in a guest home.

Each night ended with the Holy Spirit moving on the girls.  Many girls testified of the freedom they received from God during the camp.

Pastor Sayan and Siraporn were very pleased with what God did the week we were there.  He said the Holy Spirit fell on their girls like the hard rains that fall in the tropical rainy season.   The testimonies blessed everyone to see God set these girls free from so many things in their past.

We have been invited to return next year.  We became very close to the girls and told them not to say good bye but we will see you again.